Vitalogy logo Sometimes we took RISKS
When it came down to the hometown boys, Pearl Jam, The End vowed to give it's listeners first access to the new Vitalogy CD.  It created talk, excitement, anticipation and of course a cease and desist order:

Listen:  Pearl Jam World Premiere!

Pearl Jam cease and desist

And then there was the "Hole Incident"...
Kurt and Courtney exclusive

Which also resulted in a cease and desist:
Kurt and Courtney cease and desist

Always backing up our claim to playing the new music least until we're ordered to stop.  By then, we had the buzz, the band had the pre-publicity and we kissed and made up.

Foo Fighters world premiere
We kept them busy and our listeners glued to the radio.

When you claim to play the new music first, you must constantly prove it by providing world premieres and exclusives.  This can be done by working with the record companies, managers, the bands themselves or by other means...but when you get it, pre-tease it, pound it until they tell you to stop and then post-sell it to reinforce your determination.